Article Marketing Tips – How To Get Better Results Than Last Year

Has your article marketing efforts been up and down and not as successful over the last 6 to 12 months as you had hoped for? How about a few free article marketing tips that just might help you get better results?

It can be frustrating to say the least when you put so much effort into affiliate marketing and see very little financial results. Well, as they say with regard to investments, past performance does not guarantee future results. In your case, the following tips should help you get different results from those you have experienced in the past.

1. Research before you start writing – It’s very easy to want to jump right in and start writing articles for a great looking product or service you discovered. The problem comes when you get halfway into it you realize you don’t have enough knowledge or passion for the niche. You will do better if you take a little time to understand the product or service.

2. Don’t repeat your mistakes - If you have a decent number of articles you have published don’t continue writing until you have taken a little time to review the great work you have done. You will surely come up with some of your own article marketing tips by simply analyzing your own articles. Figure out the pattern of those with higher views and click through rates. Avoid writing the same type of articles that get very little review or click through rates.

3. Use different resources to get backlinks to your articles. One of the ways to get greater success out of the articles you write is to build backlinks to your articles. The search engines reward the articles with more visitors if they have a high popularity. One of the ways this is determined is by the number of sites linking to the article. Many article writers use social book marking and blog commenting as a way to build backlinks.

4. Find a successful format and stick with it. One of the best tips I ever read was to settle down and stop jumping all over the place. As an article writer it’s very easy to keep changing your style or format because you like how someone else is doing it. It’s best to find what works best for you and your products and stick with it.

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