Choose An English School In Auckland For A Great Student Lifestyle

It makes a lot of sense to learn English in a city where it’s the first language of the people living there. One of the cities where you can study at an English school is Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand. It is a small country with a population of just over four million. Students travel to New Zealand from around the world because of the beautiful scenery, great leisure time opportunities and friendly people. Auckland is a large and busy city which is still very close to beaches, parks and plenty of leisure time activities. It’s a great place for students and many international students love living and learning in this exciting and beautiful harbour city.

New Zealand is a friendly country and Auckland is its largest city. Many cultures are represented and everyone gets along pretty well. There are many tertiary study centres in the city from the university, the polytechnic and several international language schools. It is the home to students from all over New Zealand and from all over the world.

Accommodation options right in the centre of the city mean you can keep your transport costs down while you attend an English school in Auckland. You will also be close to all the fun and leisure activities that your friends are doing when class is out. The stunning beaches and gorgeous green areas in and around Auckland mean you can study outdoors and enjoy lots of fresh air when you are relaxing.

Auckland has a huge range of movie theatres, lots of shopping malls such as St Lukes and plenty of weekend markets such as Victoria Park Market in downtown Auckland. Students also enjoy the many lively bars and restaurants which are a big attraction for young people who like to relax after a busy day of study. It’s very easy to make friends in Auckland because it’s a multicultural city with lots of young people who are all making the most of life. Public transport in Auckland ranges from great train and bus services to well built roads for those who prefer to drive or cycle. Of course if you live in the inner city, close to your English school in Auckland, you will save a lot of time and money by walking to your classes.

The weather in this coastal city is warm and mild. There a lots of beaches nearby, including Mission Bay and Takapuna Beach where you can participate in a wide range of water sports including swimming, water skiing and surfing. Many students enjoy taking boat trips out to see dolphins.

For those students who enjoy culture and history and want to learn about the country they are staying in, Auckland has some excellent museums, art galleries and tourist attractions including the impressive Sky Tower. If you like adventure, you can try bungy jumping, horse riding, jet boating, mountain biking and many other adventure sports. Students who learn at an English school in Auckland are grateful for the chance to study in a busy inner city location where all the facilities are close at hand. It’s clear that students who feel comfortable, happy and safe will do better at their studies.


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